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Aerostich Popping up in Vallejo This December

If you ever wanted to get properly fit for an Aerostich or just check out some of their gear in person, the brand that outfits more road grimed astronauts than any other is coming to V-Town.

From December 12th through the 15th Aerostich reps will be at 125 Plaza Drive, Suite 405 in Vallejo with a full assortment of their gear to try on and purchase just in time for Christmas.

Drop in any time between 9-6 and the team of fitment experts will be happy to drape you in arguably the finest waterproof and abrasion resistant gear on the planet. If you are in a bit of a time crunch, advance sizing appointments also available — email for full details on that.

I love my R-3 light that I have been wearing on a regular basis for the last couple years, but expect to see me there at least one of the days while I check out the rest of the gear.

Aerostich is also looking for some assistance with this event. They would love to have some motorcycles for people to sit on for real-world fitment testing. Also, if you have some time to volunteer, they could use that as well.

If you have a motorcycle available to use as a fit-bike during the event, or if you'd like to schedule a time to volunteer at the pop-up, please contact Rod Hafner at: or call (715)781-0939.

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