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Baggers Can't Be Cruisers...Who actually will be riding these things at Laguna Seca With MotoAmerica

Totally a licensed racer, if any of you builders need 5 laps of fury.

While I have had Scotch before 5:00 on a weekday before, let me assure you that I am 100% sober as I relay the following information from MotoAmerica.

"MotoAmerica and Drag Specialties will combine forces to make Bagger class road racing a reality as the highly customized, ever-booming V-twins will invade WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca on Saturday, July 11, for the first-ever King of the Baggers event."

That face you are making is the one I had as well. I mean, once the laughter stopped.

The press release went on to give zero information as to who would be riding the baggers, just to check the MotoAmerica website for more information on who would be building the bikes. Yes. In a press release about a new race class, they mentioned nothing about the racers. Well, MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey did say that he "can’t wait to go watch the Baggers come down the Corkscrew for the first time" but this was the closest thing to actually confirming that it was going to be a race, and not just a custom bike show. You know there will be a custom bike show.

They did say that the competitors "will come from an elite group of V-Twin companies that will be finalized mid-February. Teams will be showcasing their V-Twin Bagger products both on the racetrack and off."

Without even hinting at who might be piloting any of the yet-to-be-named machines, this reads like it will be the two wheel equivalent of a body building competition. Overbuilt machines glistening and flexing while leaving drips of oil here and there.

Without bringing in capable racers it will be just a fashion show for Drag Specialties.

Here's the thing. I don't think any of the current MotoAmerica riders would really want to risk their season for a one-off bagger race. Well, I guess Herrin would do it if there was a sixer of Coors Light at the podium.

So where should the racers come from?

Thanks for asking.

I know some club racers that would jump at the chance, however there are also some very, very capable bagger rippers out there as well. But here is the problem.

For those of you that don't know, the AMA requires racers to earn points from one of very few AMA sanctioned racing clubs in order to get a MotoAmerica license.

Why is this a problem?

You have great questions!

Even though all but one of the current MotoAmerica #1 plate holders came through the AFM, the AMA does not recognize that club or any other club on the west coast, (minus WERA West) as being AMA sanctioned. That's a story for another time, though.

What I am trying to say is that I really hope they are looking to add a safe race class by requiring the "elite group of V-Twin companies" to supply licensed racers. The racers have to come from somewhere, and not just for this one-off class. Don't exclude the west coast clubs when it comes time to add more racers. I know most race fans would love to see seven race classes and not six and a fashion show.

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