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Coming to (Moto)America: Petrucci's Arrival For Realzies.

Everyone else is using the same pic to promote their stuff. C'mon, people, be better.

Surprising literally nobody, as anyone with half a pulse saw this coming since before the MotoGP season finished in 2021, Danilo Petrucci is officially MotoAmerica bound aboard the Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati New York Superbike.

I am beyond stoked to have a world class, MotoGP race winning, racer on this side of the pond for more than just a weekend. MotoAmerica Superbike grids have been light in comparison to the premier class of some local racing clubs, to the point that America's premier series has padded the field with 1000 Superstock machines. Petrucci taking green flags in America should hopefully motivate a few more riders from the good ol' US of A to take the plunge, even if it is so they can say they raced against a MotoGP racer. Petrucci seems to be a great guy. I have had minimal interactions with him in the past (read I have said hi to him in the paddock and he has yet to try and knock me over) and he has always been pleasant. He is also pretty damn quick on a motorbike, and there is no doubt that he will be a crowd favorite with just about everyone. Well, I am sure there will be a few "they took our jerbs" idiots out there waxing monosyllabically about how if it wasn't for people like Petrux stealing MotoAmerica seats they would totally be out there, man.

See? Even his crew knew.

I wish him the best of luck out there, and look forward to trying to get an interview at one of the MotoAmerica rounds this year. It will be interesting to hear his take on the differences between a MotoGP machine and a built up streetbike, how the Michelins and Dunlops compare, and which is better, the high tech track limits warning system that Dorna uses or the low tech track limits warning system in America, or as it is better known, the grass growing an inch from the racing surface at many tracks.

Also, just throwing this into the universe, but Mr. Petrucci, if you happen to see this, I have space under my canopy at every AFM round this season if you are looking for some extra seat time. Let me know so I can bring my extra set of tire warmers.

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