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Honda and NYPUM - 50 years of protecting the future of not just motorcycling.

If it was up to me I would call this pic "Let the radness begin" Photo courtesy of Honda

We all got into riding motorcycles for our own reasons. For me it was equal parts freedom and rebellion, granted I got my start in my 30's with my wife's approval. I ride for fun, for work, and in a past life I was a daily commuter.

For kids that live in an environment full of uncertainties, motorcycles can be considerably more than that. Honda saw this 50 years ago when they were approached by a Los Angeles YMCA looking to reach some seriously at-risk kids. Those first 15 mini bikes at a single YMCA in the City of Angels grew into the National Youth Program Using Motorcycles, or NYPUM for short.

Since then, Honda has donated over 10,000 motorcycles that have enriched the lives of an estimated 325,000 kids. Riding motorcycles gives these kids something to look forward to, and NYPUM might be all they have as a positive influence. For more information on NYPUM, click here, and to find out more about the Robert F Kennedy Children's Action Fund click here. For more information on Honda Motorcycles, swing by your local dealer and ride one, or if you are stuck at work, you can always click here. For the press release that inspired this post, click here.

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