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JD Beach goes sideways with Estenson Racing: Pic Almost Related.

In his own words today on Social Media, JD Beach, the undisputed hardest working man in the paddock, had this to say:

"Well the news is finally out. I’m very excited to say I’ll be racing in @americanflattrack Twins class full time in 2020 with @estensonracing_ this has been a great team for me. At the end of 2018 after winning the SuperSport Championship for the 2nd time in 4 years all I wanted was to race a SuperBike. No one believed in me or would give me the shot, then on Thanksgiving of 2018 Tim Estenson calls me around 8pm and says he has everything lined up for me to race a SuperBike and one of his @yamahamotorusa Twins. I about broke down in tears, this guy I had rode two races for and barely knew wanted to gamble on me and give me a SuperBike ride after all the years no one would. I think we proved what I could do if someone would just give me a shot. Did we have some bad races, yes, but we made history as well and had a lot of fun doing it. At the end of the 2019 season Tim wanted to continue with me but focus on one series. He had the faith and belief in me others didn’t so when the deal was offered my pen was ready. I’m starting a new chapter in my racing career but the last chapter is still unfinished but either way my sights are set on making 2020 a great season."

Earlier in the month Jiggydog paired up with Sammy Halbert to put American's on the box for the first time at Rossi's Ranch in a 100km race, so you can say he has been staying sharp in the off season.

Due to scheduling issues, I missed all AFT rounds last year so I have no rad pics of JD on the Twins bike, so sorry for the photo of him on the wrong bike for the story. But it is a wheelie. On Wednesday.

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