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More On Rich Oliver's Mystery School

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

As I eluded to in my review of the 2-Day Fun Camp, Rich Oliver's Mystery School is more than just getting sideways with your friends for a couple of days. With the 2020 ROMS schedule in place, here is more of what you can do on the nearly 14 acres just outside of Fresno.

Learn To Ride Off-Road Course

This one-day class is designed to offer a proper introduction to the sport of off-road motorcycling. Literally no motorcycling experience necessary, Rich will teach you all of the basic skills needed to ride a motorcycle. From learning how to use the basic controls to understanding how to balance in an off-road environment, students will walk away from this course ready to ride. This course is perfect for families or people that want to get their feet wet before cannonballing into a dealership and dropping a bunch of money on a bike and gear. If you are planning on bringing the household with you, make sure the kiddos are at least 7 years old and have been riding a bicycle for at least a year.

Students can focus 100% on their riding as the ROMS staff takes care of lunch, snacks, drinks, and photographic proof for instagram. All riding gear and a size appropriate Yamaha TT-R are also included in the $299 price of admission. If you bring a friend, you both get 25 bucks off, and lets face it riding with friends is much more fun.

Off-Road Challenge Course

This is the logical next step for graduates of the Learn To Ride Off-Road course, but taking the level one class is not mandatory. As long as you can already ride a motorcycle the Off-Road Challenge course will teach you what you need to know to finally start taking that adventure bike of yours on an adventure beyond your trip to Starbucks.

If hill climbs, river crossings, jumps, sand, mud, and tight turns through the woods sounds like fun, than this is the 1-day course for you. Like the basic course, it is all inclusive letting you enjoy the school without distractions. Pricing can be as low as $324 per person if you bring a friend with you, something I plan to do in the very near future.

For the Kids

It isn't all about riding at ROMS. In the Home School Kids Dirt Bike Club, the Kids Ride and Wrench Camp, and the Kids Ride and Wrench Summer Camp, bike maintenance gets a bit of the spotlight. Teaching kids this important skill set at an early age will hopefully keep the sport alive for generations to come.

For Johnny Law

The Two-Day P.O.S.T. approved Police Officer Motorcycle Update Course (#32575; Plan I for those of you in uniform that understand those numbers) is specifically designed to enhance the officer's ability to avoid accidents and injury. This is done by teaching and practicing a variety of pursuit techniques. 16 hours worth of drills that include tight u-turns, obstacles, and the standard sliding and braking exercises combine to make a better performing officer.

Want More?

Rich does offer some private days as well, in case you want something a bit more personal.

The full calendar can be found at, or keep scrolling. You can also hit ROMS up directly in a variety of ways if you have further questions or interest.

Office: (559) 855-3089 Text: (559) 970-1928

2020 Schedule:

Two-Day Fun Camp

March 14 - 15

March 28 - 29 (Women's Only)

April 18 - 19

April 25 - 26

May 16 - 17

June 27 - 28

Private Training Day with Rich

February 21

March 13

March 20

April 3

April 17

May 1

May 15

June 26

Learn To Ride Off-Road

February 29

April 10

May 2

June 20

Off-Road Challenge Course

March 1

April 11

May 3

June 21

POST Motorcycle Officer Update Course

February 18 - 19

March 9 - 10

April 7 - 8

May 12 - 13

June 16 - 17

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