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More On The MotoAmerica Bagger Class

Photo from MotoAmerica

We are one step closer to knowing all the details about the King of the Drag Specialties Catalog race.

Fourteen teams have committed to build machines for the July 10-12th exhibition race at Laguna Seca, which is just .35 shy of the average amount of bikes to take the MotoAmerica Superbike grid last year.

It turns out that the event is an invitational, and those invited are as follows. I chose to add a bit more information about the teams than what MotoAmerica had on their page. I left the MotoAmerica descriptions after the name and then added a bit more, because, well, it needed it. I also provided a link where applicable so you can check out their wares if you are taking a break from your poker run to check the internet for some reason.

Alloy Art – maker of custom motorcycle products: With any luck the people building the bike at Alloy Art are better than the people that built their website. The homepage looks like turn one of a Novice Clubman race. I saw nothing about their history, other than they have been around since before Y2K - barely. I predict this to be the most chromed out of the bunch.

Barnett Tool & Engineeringclutches and cables:

Family owned since 1948, Barnett has been a household name for clutches and custom cables even outside the Bagger Life. All their goods are made in the USA. I predict the best start of the weekend out of this bike.

Bassani – motorcycle exhaust systems: They make exhaust systems for bikes...and cars...and trucks...and semi trucks. I predict this bike will have a Bassani exhaust, with any luck for a motorcycle.

Feuling Partsperformance products for Harleys:

In addition to Harley Davidson, Feuling has worked with General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, and other car makers. I predict that this bike has the best "potato-potato-potato" of the bunch.

Legends Suspension – front and rear suspension products:

Legend (no "s") Suspension has been around since 1998 where they notably made the first air suspension for the Harley Davidson Softail. I predict this is the only bike that does not bottom out exiting turn 8.

MJK – innovators of aftermarket products:

Despite what the meaning behind the initials would lead you to believe, MJK makes parts for Harley Davidsons. They machine their bits and bobs in-house up in the western part of America's hat, Alberta, BC. I expect this team to be shunned for not being 'merican.

Roland Sands Designbike builder, aftermarket parts and apparel:

Roland Sands is known for actually racing motorcycles. I predict that Roland will ride his own bike, and if he is on stage with it at any time he will not try to do another burn out.

Performance Machine – motorcycle brakes and wheels:

Part of the Motorcycle Aftermarket Group along with Roland Sands (who also has their own link on the bottom of their webpage) and Vance & Hines. I predict this bike will have parts on it from Roland Sands and Vance and Hines.

Saddlemen – motorcycle seats and saddlebags:

They make seats for all types of bikes, some of which have already been on the MotoAmerica grids. I predict that whoever rides this bike does not complain about seat comfort.

S&S – American motorcycle engines and parts: I would like to retract the statement about Alloy Art having the most bling. I am pretty sure that the S&S bike will run on liquid chrome, and I predict it will be built around the motor.

SLYFOX Performancehigh-performance motorcycle parts:

They appear to be an in-house brand for Drag Specialties, which makes sense. I predict that it was in the contract in the race for Slyfox to participate, since the only place you can buy their stuff is through Drag Specialties.

The Speed Merchant – custom motorcycle builder:

Three of the "builders" above are listed as sponsors on the The Speed Merchant website. based on that, I have to wonder who is actually building their bikes. I predict that this is the best built motorcycle on the grid, and yes, I did read that Roland Sands is participating.

Trask – maker of the motorcycle turbo kits:

I spent a couple minutes watching the video that makes up their website background. It has all of the classic signs that they like to have fun on their terms: Burnouts, boobies, big-honkin' wheelies. I predict a rolling burnout down the front straight, lap three when they are out of the running.

Vance & Hines – manufacturer of motorcycle exhaust and performance products:

The drag racing background Vance & Hines comes from will surely translate to the road course. Kidding, they actually sponsored a road racing class a few years back. I predict that there will be a Vance and Hines exhaust on not just this bike.

So the teams are set, but still no word as to who will be riding. There also is the question of if the AMA is going to require every employee of these 14 brands to be AMA members in order for the teams to participate or if they are still reserving that honor for club racing.

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