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MotoGP Updates That You Probably Already Know, But Then Again, Maybe You Don't? #clickbait

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

So, Qatar is out for the premier class, Thailand is postponed for everybody, and there are smatterings of talks about the viability of the only American round largely due to the uncertainty of our governments ability to do anything right. Relax, Republicans and Trump fans, I hate all politicians, not just you.

My source inside the MotoGP paddock informed me that France is talking about canceling pretty much every sport that imports their athletes to compete until further notice. If people continue to get and/or overreact to the latest "end of the world virus", (which is likely because we as a species are fucking idiots) that would mean LeMans is out as well. There are currently talks within IRTA about running a 10 round season. The group also is letting teams know that there will be crucial items available at COTA... Basically, nobody really knows anything, and IRTA is planning for everything like the rockstars they are. I have watched enough zombie movies to know that this virus is not going to bring the apocalypse. We have too much warning, and people are doing things, albeit for the most part idiotic, to prepare for the worst. Every end of the world zombie move starts with zombies and then they figure out was caused the outbreak. I think we are gonna move onto next years fear-mongering as scheduled.

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