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What's this? Another Motorcycle Blog?

Yes. Yes it is.

Allow me to introduce myself and explain just what you should expect to find here in the future.

My name is Max. Prior to trying to take on this endeavor of starting a motorcycle blog (about 8 years later than I should have) I was already a writer in the motorcycle industry. I got my start as the copywriter for Cycle Gear, where I either wrote or edited literally every word that you read or heard when in one of their stores, on the website, or when you called in for help with your web orders.

The battle for not last.
Photo for attention. Photo Credit: James Carr

At the same time, I was recruited on as a "Road Scholar" for CityBike Magazine, allowing me to speak freely about some of the same products I was hired to hype for sales. Working with the rest of the CityBike Wrecking Crew gave me an outlet to be much more openly creative than the corporate gig and helped keep me sane.

Because two jobs were not exciting enough, I also owned Oxymoron Photography that found me covering all sorts of motorcycle events such as the Dirtbag Challenge, American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM for short) club racing, Flat Track, Moto America, World Superbike, and even MotoGP.

When the opportunity presented itself for me to focus on the photography business I abandoned the corporate world and embraced the ups and downs of self employment. I couldn't stop writing though, so I remained part of the CityBike Wrecking Crew...right up until there was no more CityBike to write for.

That brings us to today, where I am documenting this moment for posterity as much as offering you an introduction.

Oxymoron Photography is thriving as much as a track based photography business can thrive, but I still have a lot to say about motorcycles, motorcycle gear, motorcycle racing, and the moto industry in general. As the new kid in town More On Motorcycles might not get the information first, but you can count on us to dive deeper into topics that other sites might not. So there you have it.

My promise to always do my best to bring you more. More reviews, more news, more pictures, and more stories about how you can do More On Motorcycles.

Tell your friends. After all, M.O.M. knows best.

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