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What the world needs now. Motorcycle Videos. You heard me.

In this time of fucked weirdness, where "me first and the gimme gimmes" has become the mantra of toilet paper hoarders, it is important not to get absorbed in the panic as we ride out the latest in world-ending viruses. "But how!", you exclaim from, if you are like me, a blanket fort in the corner of your living room, "Everything is canceled!" True, but fortunately for you I have at least one very talented friend who procrastinates harder than I do. Enter Kevin Fanady's Bootleg Racing series. Today, Kevin dropped the second in a series of videos documenting his rookie season with the AFM...which was last year, bee tee dubs. With the 2020 season on hold, this timely release (11 months late, not that I was counting the days) should inspire riders everywhere to spend some quality time with their machines.

Kevin proves if you have done a few "A Group" track days you can race your motorcycle. If he and I can do it, you can too. Once you are allowed to leave the house again, you should look into your local club racing series. Until then, check out the first episode here if you have not already. Looking for something slightly more professional? You should check out Gray Pham's GP Industries channel on the you-tubes.

GP Industries produces the American Racing series. These are the videos that MotoAmerica should be promoting the hell out of. Epic footage, impressive edits, and that voiceover... Well, two out of three elements are perfect at least. He also does some private work for an ever-expanding gaggle of racers. The whole channel is worth putting on repeat. Looking for something substantially less professional? Look no further than the visual swill I produce. Behold, the 2019 AFM Awards Banquet video.

I guess the point is I was in a massive funk when I woke up. I was prepared to stay in this blanket fort all day, wallowing in thoughts of doom and despair that have been proliferating faster than any virus ever has. Then I saw Kevin's video. Sure, I am still in the blanket fort, but I am being productive.

Thanks, Kevin. Let's not wait another 11 months though. *Fistbump with squeaker sound*

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